The Throne of Salt and Reed

Previously in Parathuun: The Throne of Salt and Reed (11/10/16)
"To the Highest Bidder"

The party sneak into a secretive royal compound to steal naval plans. The plans in the wrong hands could spark war with the Toriad of Rhune. The party's names are magically sent to the royal army after the burglary goes wrong, and the parties Dwarve guide tries to steal the plans for himself.

Previously in Parathuun: The Throne of Salt and Reed (3/10/16)
Farron's Secrets

The party learn that Farron of the Wounded Foxes is working with a powerful member of the Iron-Fist dwarf rebellion in Iron-Town, and that this powerful member has knowledge of the whereabouts of a piece of the Rod of Seven parts.

Previously in Parathuun: The Throne of Salt and Reed
What Goes Around Comes Around
  • The party confronted the dwarven Crime-lord Tierny Grogpot, who leads a sect of dwarven-supremacists.
  • The party agree to join the Dead Canary gang, and help Roise get back her territory from Tierny’s cousin Algon Limb-splitter.
  • The party accept a challenge of battle from Tierny and enlist the aid of The Wounded Foxes gang along with several others to help the Dead Canaries get their territory back
  • The party use a bomb to destroy Tierny’s gang mid-battle and in the process kill Tierny, half his lieutenants and Hov, as well as the leader of the Wounded Foxes; Thrux the vindictive.
Previously in Parathuun: The Throne of Salt and Reed
The story so far...

The party (Comprised of Lucas; the Inquisitor of Nyros, Xavier the Maz'uuku fighting Elf, and Rodrick [Bumblemere] the vigilante criminal) are in the river cities, blurring the line between criminal and heroes. Lucas performs occasional missions for his superior; High Collector of Nyros: Devryus, often leading him to conflict with Rodrik and Xavier. Rodrik spends most of his time and effort trying to establish a network of thieves, plotting assassinations or stealing, while Xavier kills anyone, given the chance. 

However after multiple scrapes with the crown, a Dwarven crime lord and an ancient wizard trapped in a stone golem, the party agree to join (except for lucas*) a small gang of smugglers and racketeers called the Dead Canaries lead by a Dyrosi woman named Roise (*Lucas only agrees to ally with her). 


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