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Khyros is a relatively small island continent situated to the west of the Horn of Ie, dividing the Traders Sea from the Slavers Sea. It is largely unoticed by the major powers of the Inner Sea except for one aspect; its immense trade network that stretches from the cape of Palaan to Teng. 

Khyros was once the home of a minor empire ruled by a council of mages exiled from an ancient kingdom in Yin. The empire controlled much of the continent, but fell 800 years ago when the sultan of Vak'lushra invaded and took the southern half of Kyrhos for himself. 

Northern Kyrhos was at the same time being colonized by the Ryth, who built colonies that would become small fuedal cities and towns in the icy hills. These Ryth lost contact with the homeland after a war with the Truchian empire destroyed most of the Ryth kingdom. Those that remained in the north became known as Dyrosi, much like man Vak'lushrans in the south took the name Ithosi after the sun goddess Ith. 

Khyros sits on the borders of a warm water and cold water sea, meaning that the continents avereage weather is wind…lots of wind. Khyros's only natural inhabitants were a small population of halflings known as 'Nyth' who inhabited eastern Khyros, they refer to the land as "The Land of Wind". Kyrhosi storms can level cities, obliterate fleets and wear a mountain down into a nub of rock. It is because of this weather the Sultans trade colonies became so effective. The natural currents of wind and water allowed Ithosi sailors to travel up and down the Ie cost in days, making the trade colonies excessively wealthy. 

The colonies soon became the unified city of Deep-River, and became one of the most powerful trade cities in the Inner Sea. 

The River Cities

The Ruins of Aruqai

The Whispering Forest

The Murkish Fens

Ravens Peak

The Sultanate


Lake Emirili

The River Eyen

Major Gods

The Church of Sovos







Dyrosi (Giant), Ith (Common), High-Ith (Celestial), Dwarven, Towny Dwarven (Thieves Cant), Maz'raq (Elven), Nyth (Halfling), Tor (Orcish). 


Kyrhos has a natural lack of gold, but is rich in gems and silver, therefore the base curreny is silver (Silver Anchors), with gold taking the place of platinum (Golden Suns), and copper taking the place of silver (Copper Shells). 





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