The Throne of Salt and Reed

Previously in Parathuun: The Throne of Salt and Reed

The story so far...

The party (Comprised of Lucas; the Inquisitor of Nyros, Xavier the Maz'uuku fighting Elf, and Rodrick [Bumblemere] the vigilante criminal) are in the river cities, blurring the line between criminal and heroes. Lucas performs occasional missions for his superior; High Collector of Nyros: Devryus, often leading him to conflict with Rodrik and Xavier. Rodrik spends most of his time and effort trying to establish a network of thieves, plotting assassinations or stealing, while Xavier kills anyone, given the chance. 

However after multiple scrapes with the crown, a Dwarven crime lord and an ancient wizard trapped in a stone golem, the party agree to join (except for lucas*) a small gang of smugglers and racketeers called the Dead Canaries lead by a Dyrosi woman named Roise (*Lucas only agrees to ally with her). 


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