The Throne of Salt and Reed

Previously in Parathuun: The Throne of Salt and Reed

What Goes Around Comes Around

  • The party confronted the dwarven Crime-lord Tierny Grogpot, who leads a sect of dwarven-supremacists.
  • The party agree to join the Dead Canary gang, and help Roise get back her territory from Tierny’s cousin Algon Limb-splitter.
  • The party accept a challenge of battle from Tierny and enlist the aid of The Wounded Foxes gang along with several others to help the Dead Canaries get their territory back
  • The party use a bomb to destroy Tierny’s gang mid-battle and in the process kill Tierny, half his lieutenants and Hov, as well as the leader of the Wounded Foxes; Thrux the vindictive.


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